Easy SpyRemover Features

Removes Spyware, Adware and Spybots from your system
Detects any spyware that may already be on your computer spying on you, showing you pop-up advertising, and eliminates them completely.

Blocks Spyware and Hijackers before they get into your PC
Actively Blocks spyware before they have a chance of infecting your system.

Blocks annoying Popup Windows and Ads
By eliminating the source of the popup ads, you won't be seeing them any time soon.

Keeps your internet activities Private
Does not allow keyloggers to monitor and/or forward your keystrokes.

Unlimited Free Updates, and Free signature updates for 1 year.
You will get unlimited updates and upgrades. Signature updates are also free for 1 year.
Our spyware signature files are updated frequently so the software will recognize new threats almost instantly.

Scheduled Spyware Scans
You can easily schedule computer scans while you are away from your computer. There are many scheduling options to accomodate your exact spyware scanning needs and habits.

Advanced System security and maintenance Tools

Toolbar and BHO manager
Helps you remove Browser Helper Objects which are executed every time your browser starts. A major cause of browser slowdowns and "unremovable" browser toolbars.

StartUp Items Manager
The startup manager allows you to identify and remove startup items that start with Windows. Loading too many of them may be the cause of computer sluggishness or low memory errors.

Network Connection monitoring tool NEW!
Monitor which program is connected to the internet. If you detect any suspicious internet activity, you can terminate the initiating program instantly.

Internet Explorer Backup/Restore
95% of spyware change your Internet explorer settings, like your homepage or default search engine. This tool will help you back up your settings, so if you loose them again you will be able to bring them back easily.

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