Over 90% of all Internet connected computers are infected with spyware.
Protect your computer today with EasySpyRemover - the most popular spyware
and adware remover tool online.

We offer our leading edge spyware removal solution to give you peace of mind that your computer is secure and your privacy is protected.

Our software is designed to search and eliminate all known computer parasites that bog down the speed and capabilities of your PC.

If you see that you PC performs abnormal actions, such as adding strange tool bars and many pop-up windows in your browser, or if your homepage changes without notification, then your PC is infected with one or more Spyware programs. Download Easy SpyRemover to get rid of them before they cause any more harm to your computer.

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: : Removes Spyware, Adware and Spybots from your system
: : Blocks Spyware and Hijackers before they get into your PC
: : Bult-in Spyware Reporting
: : Blocks annoying Popup Windows and Ads
: : Keeps your internet activities Private
: : Unlimited Free Updates & Free Signature updates for 1 year.
: : Scanner scheduler
: : Advanced System security and maintenance Tools
        • Toolbar and BHO manager
        • StartUp Items Manager
        • Network Connection monitoring tool
        • Internet Explorer Backup/Restore

"My homepage was hijacked, and there wasn't anything I could do, until I ran your program! thanks!"

-Virginia Farris, AZ

"I almost didn't want to use my computer!! there were to many popups and porn ads! Thanks ! I can use my computer again!!"
-Malcolm Briffett, UK

Our proprietary technology enables us to remove any dangerous file from your computer regardless if it's running or if it is currently in use. We don't just detect spyware we make sure it is safely removed from your system.

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